ThrowbackThursday: Retro Computing

Texas Instruments

It has been quite a while since we started playing with home computers.

However, even if many of them were discontinued pretty soon, they will forever remain in our minds and we still recall memories of those times with a bit of nostalgia.
Which explains why any retrocomputing exhibition goes sold out!

It is not much about “looking backwords”, more about reviving a sense of innovation that has become so pervasive nowdays but has, somehow, for many, lost its original meaning. It is thanks to the #maker movement if that feeling of “pioneering the possible” is back, and becoming stronger and stronger, steering towards a “new renaissance”, as many like to call it.

To celebrate our very personal #ThrowbackThursday we are very happy to introduce you to the TI-99/4A by Texas Instruments. It was a very popular home computer in the early ’80s, but was quickly forgotten after the manifacturer discontinued it in 1984. That’s a shame, some say, because it boast good graphics and sound (including an add-on voice synthesizer), and had many fun games.

TI994A by Texas Instruments

The systems and cartridges are still pretty easy to find and relatively cheap, making it a good choice for adding to (or starting) a collection of vintage computers and video games.

Here is a nice video about it: