Maker Faire Rome 2015

Maker Faire Rome is the present (and will be back in the future)

maker faire rome cut

The second edition of Maker Faire Rome ends today, with the echo of more than 90,000 people who looked at and touched more than 600 inventions. They experienced 360 workshops and enjoyed a 2000m2 kids area crowded with 15,000 young boys and girls. We can just say this: thank you.

Thank you, you were marvelous. And thanks to every person who contributed to Maker Faire Rome: staff, makers, press officers, social media managers, organizers, curators and curious people.

Maker Faire Rome has recharged our batteries: we know this present time can be a great launchpad for a better future. We believe in that, and we love the idea of enjoying this Innovation Week with you.

As Jeremy Rifkin put it in a video-message to Maker Faire Rome:

“This is the beginning of a long journey to refashion the way we think of the economic activities of the planet”

By the way, we are looking forward to meeting you again. That is why Maker Faire Rome will be back in 2015! So, follow #MFR15, stay tuned, don’t be bored and make things!