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How to participate

How to participate

Maker Faire Rome is part of the Innovation Week (September 29 – October 5), a week full of inspiration about the future of technology and society: Personal Democracy Forum, Open Hardware Summit, Social Innovation Cities and Maker Faire Rome.

Find out how to participate in the Innovation Week and Maker Faire here below. Registration is free of charge, just check it out on Eventbrite. Maker Faire Rome Exhibition tickets are available .

Maker Faire Rome – Exhibition (October 3-5)

The role of the Chamber of Commerce in Rome, working through its specialist desk Asset Camera, is not only about making resources available, but also creates a real laboratory in which Global Innovation opinion leaders, decision makers, students, current and aspirant entrepreneurs, in conjunction with the entire venture capital system, will be able to discuss concrete innovation projects. The Innovation Week ends with 3 days dedicated to the world of makers, digital artisans and the Leonardos of the XXI Century, who will be coming together in Rome from all around the world for the second edition of the European Maker Faire Rome 원랜디 다운로드.

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Maker Faire Rome – Opening Conference (October 2)

Maker Faire Rome’s Opening Conference will take place on October 2. The event will feature international speakers who will talk about the future of the Third industrial revolution and the Makers movement. Discover here all the speakers joining us on October 2. More guests will be made public as as soon as the event gets closer. Maker Faire Rome will take place in a real makers village hosted by Renzo Piano’s Auditorum Parco delle Musica on October 3 -5 다운로드.

Maker Faire Rome’s Opening Conference’s free registration is open. Check it out on Eventbrite. Follow @MakerFaireRome and #MFR14


H-ACK (September 27-28)

A 24-hour marathon to invent the home of the future and make its objects connected, by taking advantage of digital technology and innovation. H-ACK LIVING will be dedicated to the development of innovative digital ideas and some leading Italian furniture and design companies such as Elica, Valcucine and Slamp will take part 다운로드. Developers, designers and marketing specialists will work in teams to develop innovative solutions based on the briefs launched by the companies, supported by dedicated mentors and the companies’ representatives, with the goal of presenting a working prototype at the end of the marathon. The best groups will be awarded by a jury formed by the participating companies. The event is organized by H-FARM Ventures in collaboration with The Innovation Week/Maker Faire.

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Personal Democracy Forum (September 29)

Starting in New York in 2004 and in Italy for the first time, Personal Democracy Forum (PDF) is an international conference featuring key speakers and topics. PDF Italia is a week of debates, meetings and forums dedicated to the new frontiers in the digital revolution, with topics ranging from Open Hardware to Social Innovation and Democracy, from City Makers in the Collaborative Economy to Open Data and Impact Finance 카카오톡 음성녹음 다운로드.

Personal Democracy Forum free registration is open. Check it out on Eventbrite.
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Open Hardware Summit (September 30 – October 1 )

The Open Hardware Summit is the annual conference organized by the Open Source Hardware Association and the world’s first comprehensive conference on open hardware; a venue to discuss and draw attention to the rapidly growing Open Source Hardware movement. Speakers will include world-renowned leaders from industry, academia and the communities of makers. The talks will be covering a wide range of topics, from electronics and mechanics to related fields, such as digital manufacturing, wearable technology, quantified self-devices, art and biohacking 클래시로얄 pc버전 다운로드. The Workshops will focus on education, manufacturing, designing, business, legal issues and much more.

Opern Hardware Summit free registration is open. Check it out on Eventbrite.
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Meet IoT (September 30 – October 1)

Meet IoT will be held within the Maker Faire, the biggest event on innovation in the world. The Fair focuses on innovation, creativity and genius, and it’s a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s the main place where craftsmanship and technological wisdom meet vmware 10. More than 40,000 visitors are expected for this event.

Meet IoT free registration is open. Check it out on Eventbrite.
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Social Innovation Cities (October 1)

One day of co-designing to produce the first Innovation Agenda for the “Social Innovation City” of the future. Facilitating working groups during the event and involvement on the shared platform over recent months will make it possible to identify the key variables to develop an innovative ecosystem with a social impact in a metropolitan city 에리의 아틀리에 다운로드. The topics under discussion by each table (physical and virtual) will refer, inter alia, to the levers of change such as: Cities and communities: making cities resilient; Civic Innovation and creating communities of city-makers; Education and youth engagement; Metrics and measurement: measuring the impact of social innovation practices; Public sector innovation.

Social Innovation Cities free registration is open. Check it out on Eventbrite.

SMARTMONEY – The future of money (October 1)

SmartMoney is the event organized by Startup​Italia 원랜디 8.4 다운로드! and is dedicated to the Italian innovation scene in the economic financial sector. On the afternoon of September 14th, Italian fin-tech startups will present their projects alongside talks by high caliber experts like David Wolman, writer for Wired USA and author of The End of Money, as well as columnist for SmartMoney; David Orban, creator of and advisor for the prestigious SinguIarity Institute for Artificial Intelligence; Riccardo Luna, director of CheFuturo! and StartupItalia!, columnist for La Repubblica and author of Cambiamo tutto; and Roberto Ferrari, Managing Director of CheBanca!.

SEP Matching Event (October 3)

Maker Faire will be hosting a special Startup Europe Partnership Matching Event, a close-door 1:1 meeting event where the founders of the most interesting makers companies will meet executives from the SEP member corporations (Telefonica, Microsoft, Orange, BBVA, Unipol Group, Telecom Italia). The purpose of the meetings is to identify business development opportunities for the corporations, whether that means procurement contracts or opportunities for strategic investments or acquisition 다운로드. SEP will select ~10 companies that best suit the requirements identified the member corporates. SEP is looking for established businesses (revenue generating) in the IoT world with particular focus on: Home Automation, Connected devices, Robots & Drones, Education, Wearable, Wellness / Healthcare e Transportation.

If you are interested to be considered for the Matching, please apply to the call here.
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Less is More ansys maxwell 다운로드. Doing science the frugal way (October 4)

“Less is more”: fare scienza a basso costo è possibile? Sì, secondo la cosiddetta “frugal science”, pensata per riproporre tecnologie oggi già in uso, abbassandone di migliaia di volte il costo di produzione ma mantenendo le caratteristiche tecniche salienti. In paesi in via di sviluppo questo approccio alla scienza può allargare enormemente l’accesso a servizi di primaria importanza da parte di milioni di persone escluse dall’ultima rivoluzione digitale. Nei paesi sviluppati, invece, può rendere più semplice un avvicinamento precoce della popolazione alle materie scientifiche. L’Hub di Roma della Comunità dei Global Shapers organizzerà un convegno e dei laboratori con gli studenti delle scuole sul tema della “Jugaad Innovation” e in particolare sulla presentazione e sperimentazione in anteprima europea del “Foldscope”, il primo microscopio di carta dal costo di $ 0.50.

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